Lifetime 10-Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak – Best kayak for 2 to 3 people

lifetime 10 foot sport fisher tandem

Dimensions and Stats

The key stats for the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak are listed below:

Length: 10 ft

Width: 3 ft/ 36 inches

Weight: 65 lbs

Capacity: 500 lbs

This kayak is probably the best suited for those who like to share the joys of fishing with someone, or for the large guys who need a kayak that can handle their weight.

This kayak is great for the anglers who prefer some company while fishing but doesn’t want to lose out on the performance. The 10-foot kayak, although short in length, is able carry up to 500lbs and 3 people without losing its performance.  It’s hull design provides a lot of stability while carrying a heavy load. It’s small dimensions and just weighing 60lbs also make it an ideal candidate for those who struggle to find storage space for their kayaks at home.

While the stats allow this kayak to carry up to 3 people, it can be quite a squeeze. It would be more difficult for the paddlers to move the kayak around if it’s carrying 3 people as there is only sufficient holders for 2 paddles.

The kayak sacrifices storage space for taking on an additional person. There are bungie cords at the bow of the kayak to strap on items. The other storage space would be behind the adjustable back rest at the stern of the kayak.

This kayak’s elevated seats allow your bottoms remain relatively dry while on the kayak. And also because of the high rear seat, some people recommend buying a thrust trolling motor to help you with the kayak’s propulsion and the people at the back would still not get wet.

There are 3 rod holding mounts on this kayak so there’s no need to fight for them.

What we like about the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

  • High capacity – Suitable for heavier and larger guys
  • Low price
  • Comfortable seats with backrests
  • Elevated seats
  • Option for add-ons to be mounted onto the kayak

What we don’t like about the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak.

  • Difficult to maneuver
  • Lack of storage space
  • It’s quite a squeeze for 3 people. It fits 2 comfortably

This kayak is great for the heavier anglers or those who would like some company in close proximity while fishing.

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