Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-on-Top Kayak Review

Sun dolphin Bali SS

The Sun Dolphin series of fishing kayaks are designed and manufactured by KL Outdoors. The company started manufacturing watercraft since 1982 and has now grown to become one of North America’s largest brands of all-season recreational products. Other watercraft produced by them are paddleboards, canoes, fishing boats, pedal boats and dinghies.

The brand’s growth is a testimony of the superior quality of their products. KL Outdoor products are known to be sturdy, maneuverable and provides value for money.

Dimensions and Stats

The Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS is another quality product produced by in the series. The key stats for the kayak are listed below:

Length: 12 ft

Width: 2.5 ft/ 30 inches

Weight: 48 lbs

Capacity: 395 lbs

Do not mistake this kayak for the shorter 10 ft version. The 12 feet larger version outdoes its smaller cousin. The Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS features a sit-on-top design that makes it ideal for anglers who want to explore new territories beyond shore fishing without breaking the bank. Based on its design, we recommend that this kayak be used in a slow-moving river or lake. The open deck allows anglers to have sufficient space on top of the kayak to place fishing gear in an accessible manner.

The kayak features bungie cord holders at the bow and stern of the kayak for anglers to secure their equipment and allows for easy access to them while in the water. There are also bungie cords by both the port and starboard (left and right respectively for the uninitiated) to secure your paddles or fishing rods.


What we like about the Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS

Below are some of the other features about the Sun Dolphin Bali SS that we LIKE:

  • Large capacity compared to other kayaks of its size (suitable for larger and bigger guys and girls)
  • Relatively wide kayak for increased stability
  • Light weight (48 lbs) which allows for easy transportation
  • Open cockpit design makes it safe for the most inexperienced to get out of the kayak in case of a capsize
  • Easy to get on and off the kayak on shore or at the launch pontoons
  • The retractable carrying handles are a good addition to reduce clutter on deck of the kayak.

What we don’t like about the Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS

The kayak performs well for what it costs, but it does have some aspects that we don’t like that you will want to take note of:

Bali SS Seat

Nothing to boast about here

  • Lack of cushion on the seats, this makes it uncomfortable after kayaking for a prolonged time (but you can order a cushion online together with the kayak)
  • Prepare to get your bottoms wet with the seat being at the lowest point of the kayak (other than the bow of course!)
  • Difficult to gain speed with the kayak (but it can be expected for a fishing kayak)
  • Colors! Alright this is subjective, the colors of this kayak are not exactly things to shout about. They are bright solid colors and might look cheap. The good thing about the colors of the kayak is that it provides very good visibility and so makes it easy for others to find you (for whatever reason)

And there you have it, a review of the Sun Dolphin Bali SS, a reasonably priced fishing kayak with a solid construct that will fit the budget of even the thriftiest of anglers who are interested in venturing out into the water to explore more fishing areas. We recommend this kayak for the beginner to intermediate anglers.

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Here’s a quick video runthrough of the features of the Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS

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