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Best Fishing Kayaks for 2018 – Fully Reviewed at

Kayaks are an increasing trend in the fishing world, providing anglers a fun and inexpensive method of venturing out beyond the shore. Having the best fishing kayaks will help you maneuver better, catch more fish, and have a much better time on the water. Within this post, we will introduce you to the 3 best fishing kayak choices:


Best Fishing Kayaks for 2018 – Fully Reviewed at

Best Fishing Kayaks - Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9-Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Paddle Deluxe Kayak Seat
Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9-Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Paddle Deluxe Kayak Seat

Vibe’s Kayaks Skipjack 90

This kayak is the top small fishing kayak in the marketplace right now! It is well-equipped, affordable, and simple for anyone to deal with on their own. At 9-feet and under 50 lbs., it is ideal for the solo angler who enjoys keeping things simple. While there certainly are more elaborate, bigger selections, the Skipjack may compete with models that are three times its cost for execution and quality.


It is small and nice. Small kayaks are underrated, as far as we are concerned. If you enjoy angling solo, and do not have the frame that can manage a large 12’ vessel, something such as this is perfect. To start with, it is simple to transport. It’s possible to fit it within the back of most pickup trucks and SUVs. The entire thing weighs under 50 lbs. and has four carrying handles that make life easy.

There also are benefits of having a more compact craft when you are on the water. You may turn more easily, and you will have less weight to push around.

The Skipjack 90 isn’t your average small craft, though. As a matter of fact, it does as well as any Ocean Kayak for stability and tracking. We have found that it is extremely simple to maneuver, and it handles amazingly in surf and bays. Calmer waters are a breeze. That is all down to its solid keel design.

Since it is such a nimble navigator in the water, it’s possible to take it virtually anywhere. Unlike most additional small fishing craft, it is suitable to take upon coastal fishing trips, and inland ventures.

It is better equipped than additional small fishing kayaks. One downside with compact models has been that they usually were fairly bare-bones. Not this kayak! It’ll feature 2 dry-bag storage compartments, with liners included. There also is a seat that has a built-in backpack and bungee storage behind its seat. In other words, there is plenty of room for all your essentials.

We also like all of the choices for positioning fishing gear! There are four rod holders directly from the factory, and there even is room for a fifth. You easily can get a cooler in its back and take a little dog along.

In spite of its size, we have found that it still is very comfortable, even for bigger paddlers. Its molded foot rests provide you a lot of positioning options, without the hassle of adjusting the rests themselves! We cannot imagine anyone being cramped in here, though it isn’t as amply proportioned as our additional suggestions.

Therefore, it handles well, and is available with all of the essentials–yet will it last? Oh, heck yes! We recently have become huge fans of Vibe Kayaks for their quality construction and outstanding quality control. There isn’t reason why this should not last you for decades.

Also, Vibe is an excellent business to deal with, unlike the majority of manufacturers at this price point. They offer exceptional customer service, and useful tutorials online that get you ip and running with setup, etc.

It’s a company which stands behind their kayak! This one is available with a lifetime warranty on its hull, and one year of coverage for all of its attached components.

It is hundreds of dollars less than a Perception Pescador, though it is about the same in terms of performance and quality. Sure, that is partially due to the more compact size. Still, it’s an impressive value. You’ll also get a free paddle!


The one notable disadvantage we have discovered: The Skipjack’s factory seat is not great. We have heard a few reports of snapped straps, though we have not personally run into that. Though, more than anything else, it just lacks padding. Although, do not purchase a boat for its seat! You easily can exchange the factory one for something much better.

Something this compact, obviously, is not ideal for larger catches. People who chase bass probably would be better off with a bigger craft, provided they’re able to handle and transport it easily. However, if you know you cannot handle something like the Pescador on your own, stick to the Skipjack!

Similarly, you never will track as well or travel as quickly in this as you might using a longer craft. This kayak is great for its class, yet it will not be for everyone! If you need more room, get the Perception or one of our additional bigger picks. If tracking and speed are more vital than nimble performance upon coastal waters, you also would be more suited to something longer.


Best Fishing Kayaks - Perception Kayak Pescador Pro Sit On Top for Fishing
Perception Kayak Pescador Pro Sit On Top for Fishing

Perception Pescador Pro

As anyone who knows Spanish might guess from its name, the Perception Pescador is really made for fishing! It is an incredible all-purpose vessel and our suggestion to the ones wanting to fish on a tight budget. While it is not the least expensive fishing kayak out there, it is the least expensive fantastic fishing kayak we have come across. And it’s certainly earned a spot on the list of the best fishing kayaks with it’s merits.


It is a nice mid-size craft which is appropriate for both new and experienced paddlers. At 12’, it is very manageable to move on your own or with a single helper. It is spacious enough to be comfortable, without having to make it difficult to transport. All in all, we believe it makes a great compromise between roominess and compactness, and between price and quality.

It is extremely affordable for what it is. It actually is a rebranded Wilderness Systems Tarpon that was a lot pricier vessel that was popular for a couple of years. The Pescador keeps its same stellar design, performance, and quality, yet is a lot cheaper which is one of the biggest reasons we decided to keep it in the list of the best fishing kayaks.

It’ll perform well under any condition. Its shape and hull profile provide you exceptional tracking for a fairly small vessel. It also is faster than other compact fishing kayaks, yet it keeps the stability needed for angling. It’s possible to use the kayak on coastal waters, rivers, or lakes without any problems.

In spite of not being as deluxe as our more expensive picks, it has all of the basics for fishing. It features day hatches at its stern, bow, and center for the storage of tackle. There also are 2 flush-mount rod holders, in addition to a caster rod holder. Overall, it is pretty comparable to the Skipjack, and only misses a rod holder and gains a hatch.

It is both a good first kayak, and a small alternative for skilled anglers preferring something more compact. It is user-friendly and affordable enough for starters to enjoy; however, if you have a few leagues under your belt, you will not feel as if you are missing much apart from room and a few additional amenities.

While our pricier fishing picks have more amenities and are larger, they do not provide significantly better quality. It’s as rugged as you could wish for and features a spotless track record for the long-run. It’s able to handle scrapes and bumps without problems.


In spite of the fact that it is a lot cheaper than our additional suggestions, it’s still not a small purchase. We believe you receive a lot of bang for your buck out of it, as it’s possible to paddle it anywhere and you receive all of the essentials.

It does not have all of the bait storage and dry compartment features you will see on the Stealth 14. Nor will it have all of the cubby and hatch choices we like on the Hobie. You do not have rudder options, either. All those things, of course, are true of the Vibe’s Kayaks Skipjack 90. The point is that the Pescador Pro is beginning to get into the cost range when you begin to see these additional features.

It’s our favorite mid-size craft. It is a great balance between speed and tracking and maneuverability and compactness. If you want more room, get the Sea Ghost!


Best Fishing Kayaks - Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak
Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak

Vibe’s Kayaks Sea Ghost 130

Our suggestion to people wanting a deluxe, big fishing craft is the Sea Ghost 130! Like the Pescador Pro and Skipjack, it is a sit-on-top kayak specifically designed for angling.

It provides ample room for catches and gear, plus tracking and speed that more compact craft just cannot compete with. Some people will require a helper to get it into the water, yet it is worth the effort! Vibe’s Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 is the best thing in the marketplace for passionate anglers.


It is the longest of our picks. It’s our suggestion to anyone wanting a bigger vessel for fishing! There are many advantages to getting something as lengthy as the Sea Ghost: better stability, faster speeds, and improved tracking. Of course, that is all beside the additional room! We believe it’s as big as most folks need. It’ll perform with all of the finesse of a larger kayak yet is not as unwieldy as something above 14 feet.

Honestly, performance with this kayak is excellent. We do not say that lightly, either! We always were fans of the Malibu Stealth series; however, the less expensive Sea Ghost really outperforms that one! It’ll strike an impressive balance between the agility, as well as ease of more compact craft and the sure stability and tracking of larger vessels.

It features an integrated rudder system. That is the main difference between this and our smaller/cheaper recommendations. A rudder such as this one assists you in staying on track in conditions in which current and crosswind are at play. If you have used a kayak that has a rudder before, you will know how helpful they might be. If you have not, suffice it to say that you will use it virtually everywhere.

You’ll steer with the feet and use toe controls.  Or, you can retract your rudder as you like. Its toe controls are intuitive and convenient. And if you like to stay put this kayak also has installation available for a kayak anchor trolley as well which makes it one of the best fishing kayaks.

While it may not be as agile as our smaller choices in the surf, it still is very much at home inside coastal waters. That actually is one place in which improved tracking and the rudder come in handy! You may not have the ability to maneuver as rapidly, yet you will find it simpler to remain on course and tackle lengthier paddles.

You safely can stand inside this one! While some people are sure to try that in our more compact picks, Vibe’s Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 is the only kayak we would consider safe for standing. Even bigger people will see that it’ll make an extremely steady platform.

Apart from the performance benefits you find with a longer craft, this one has an obvious leg up with its extra room! There is space for all of your gear. Not just will you get all of your tackle, yet there is plenty of space for a dog and cooler, even if you packed everything but the kitchen sink along with you.

It’ll give you a lot of choices for mounting your gear. You have got 2 flush-mounted rod holders, in addition to four integrated gear tracks in order for you to go to town rigging things up! It’s one kayak you cannot help but enjoy for the thoughtfulness of the design. It is clear to that anglers thought through all of the features!

It is ideal for people who enjoy using fish-finders. There is a transducer port that is preinstalled, in addition to protective lid component and mounting points.


It will cost you about $1000 USD. That isn’t any minor purchase for most folks, although there are an abundance of vessels which cost more. It’s something we only recommend to dedicated anglers who’ll be certain to receive their money’s worth.

It is on the larger side for a single person to transport/ lift. At about 80 lbs. and 13’ long, most folks will require a helper or kayak rack which helps lift.

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