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If you are an experienced kayaker, you know all too well the ramifications of not choosing the right kayak seat for your boat. If you are new to kayaking, take note: choosing the correct seat for your boat, your body, and your activity can make or break you kayaking experience. Choosing the incorrect seat could turn you away from kayaking altogether.

Bear in mind that this is only applicable when outfitting a personal kayak for repeat excursions and adventures. If you are kayaking for the first few times with borrowed or newly purchased equipment, don’t let the seat situation scare you away. Take note of what you do or don’t like with the seat in the boat you use and use that information when choosing the seat you are purchasing for your personal craft.

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You should look for comfort and quality when shopping for a kayak seat. While there are all sorts of options available to meet any budget, keep in mind that not everything will be of great quality. Investing in durable and comfortable seating will not only be long lasting, but will also keep your kayaking trips enjoyable for years to come, returning on your investment over and over again.

Know Your Boat

It should go without saying that different kayak seats may be made to fit different kayaks. While many, if not most, after factory kayak seats are made to fit nearly universally, there are still some which may be best suited for a specific style of kayak. Also, the more specialized kayak may not allow just any kayak seat to be installed.

Knowing your boat will allow you to best shop for a new kayak seat. While other factors also need to be closely considered, not making sure a seat will be able to fit and work with your boat can really put a hinge in your kayaking plans.

Be sure you know how a seat should be connected in your boat so that you can take that into consideration when shopping around as well. If your boat does not have the proper places for installation or the appropriate amount of anchor points, you run a safety risk of a poorly installed seat which could have been avoided had you known before making the purchase. It is always a good idea to know exactly what you need from a kayaking accessory before taking the leap of a purchase.

Know Your Body

Whether you are young and healthy or more mature with a few aches and pains, it is imperative that you know your body well prior to making a kayak seat purchase. Height, weight, the width of your behind, amongst other physical factors can all play a role in the comfort you may get from a kayak seat.

Considering your weight and height could play a key role in how you choose a seat due to individual comfort as well as the stress being put on the seat itself. Seat adjustability may play into the type of seat you want to purchase or making sure you get a very durable seat may be something you take more caution in.

Add onto that any medical ailments or physical restraints, and you will need to carefully consider the styles of seats to ensure that you are going to have the utmost comfort when kayaking. As long as you are capable of going on a kayaking excursion, then there will be no problem as long as you choose a seat to meet any particular accommodations you will need! Finding the best seats for your kayak can help you remain more comfortable in the kayak.

For example, a well-padded seat that is supportive and sturdy is important if you have a bad back, for instance. A high-backed seat may also be beneficial for any kayakers with back problems.

Whatever your particular requirements are for the optimal level of comfort, consider those with the utmost focus so that you enjoy your kayaking experience. Discomfort is something that can be avoided if you do what you can to alleviate the issues from being exacerbated by the wrong equipment.

Know Your Budget

By no means should you break the bank when shopping for a kayak seat. While cost and quality do go hand in hand, there is no steadfast rule that the top of the line and most expensive seat will be the absolute best option for you.

Keep in mind, too, that if you spend all of your money on the kayak and accessories, you’ll have no funds to go on the adventures you bought all the equipment for in the first place!

When creating your kayak accessory budget, keep in mind what it important to spend a little more on. By cutting corners on simpler items or knocking a few unnecessary things off your list, you can spend a little more where it counts, such as on your seat. Even if you do these things, it is still important to consider what you need and want before doing any serious shopping.

There are great seating options to meet any kayaker’s budget, no matter how small. Knowing what you are looking for in the beginning will keep you from looking at shiny bright options that are out of your budget in the first place. Narrowing down your list will ensure you are only paying for what you truly need in a kayak seat.

Surf to Summit Outfitters SeatSurf to Summit Outfitters SeatCheck Price
Deluxe Molded Foam SeatDeluxe Molded Foam SeatCheck Price
Yak-Gear Manta Ray SeatYak-Gear Manta Ray SeatCheck Price
Surf to Summit GTS Expedition SeatSurf to Summit GTS Expedition SeatCheck Price
Harmony Gear Standard SeatHarmony Gear Standard SeatCheck Price
Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded SeatVibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded SeatCheck Price
Surf to Summit GTS Sport SeatSurf to Summit GTS Sport SeatCheck Price
Skwoosh Expedition SeatSkwoosh Expedition SeatCheck Price

Top Kayak Seats for Fishing

The top kayak seats for a kayaker who plans to do a lot of fishing are going to be those which are very sturdy and stable. You want to look for a kayak seat that has very strong connections of installation and that will allow you to remain focused on the task at hand.

A wobbly seat not only runs you the risk of capsizing, but it can also affect your cast and stillness which awaiting that big bite. The last thing you want is your moving seat to cause a ruckus that throws of your cast or that moves your line that’s in the water. When going on a fishing trip, the last thing you need is to scare the fish away.

Two great seat options that will make your fishing trip enjoyable and that will ensure it isn’t cut short due to a sore bottom are the Surf to Summit Outfitters Seat and the Deluxe Molded Foam Seat. Both options are relatively reasonably priced and each come with a detachable backpack that you can use for extra storage while on the water.

Surf to Summit Outfitters Seat

Top 10 Best Kayak Seats of 2019 • My Fishing Kayak 2

The Surf to Summit seat is a compression molded seat made of foam, plastic, and fabric that offers a 4 point attachment capability. Originally created to be durable for kayak rental companies and instructional courses, this seat is made to last and for optimal comfort in mind.

With a high pressure and temperature compression mold, this seat will not warp nor with the fabric fray, meaning that it can last you for years to come and keep you fishing for hours with no complaints!

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Deluxe Molded Foam Seat

Top 10 Best Kayak Seats of 2019 • My Fishing Kayak 3

The Deluxe Molded Foam seat is specifically crafted for fishing and even comes equipped with two rod holders in the backpack included. With a high back, this seat ensures that you can remain comfortable for a long fishing trip.

This seat even comes with an optional added cushion to increase the height at which you can sit it to best suit your height and comfort needs.

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Best Seats for Sports Kayaking

With any type of more strenuous excursions, there will be the need for some very sturdy kayaking seats. These often are needed not only for comfort but for safety purposes as well! You don’t want to get caught up the creek and approaching rapids with a seat that barely supports you and keeps you in the vessel!

A strong and well installed seat will be the best bet for keeping safe and comfy while taking on new kayaking adventures. Here are some of the top kayaking seats for sports performance:

Yak-Gear Manta Ray Seat

Yak-Gear Manta Ray Seat

The Yak-Gear Manta Ray Seat offers a non-skid bottom and D-ring attachment for optimal security and safety. With a well padded back and bottom, this seat is also designed for long lasting comfort for any trip.

Compatible with all sorts of kayaks, this versatile seat has even been designed to take on water and direct it away from the seat with specifically designed gutters along the bottom.

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Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Kayak Seat

Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Seat

The Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Seat is designed more for sit-on-top kayaks, this seat is a great option for those who can use just that! A six-point attachment system ensures safety and comfort with adjustability in how you choose to install the seat.

A well padded and tall back makes the seat comfortable, and there is even a mesh pouch on the back for additional kayak storage.

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Top Kayak Seats for your Budget

Let’s face it, any hobby is going to cost you some money. Kayaking is no exception to this rule, but there are still affordable seats available to still ensure you have the most comfort while taking a kayaking trip. Here are some of the best budget friendly kayak seats to ensure you have a comfortable ride:

Harmony Gear Standard Kayak Seat

Harmony Gear Standard Seat

The Harmony Gear Standard Seat is one that will get the job done on your budget but will also provide some great comfort for that great price! Made to last, this seat has corrosion resistant hardware and skid resistant bottoms to make sure you aren’t going anywhere you don’t need to be!

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Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Seat

Another great and affordable option is the Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Seat. This seat is optimal for someone on a budget all while offering the great perks of its more expensive competition. A high back provides great back support, and a four point attachment ensures safety.

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All-Around Top Kayak Seats

Overall, there are a handful of steadfast go-to seats that have rave reviews. For any type of kayaking ventures, these fail-safe seats will ensure that your experience is a great one and that you have the optimal comfort while out on the water. Here are some kayaker favorites:

Surf to Summit GTS Sport Kayak Seat

Surf to Summit GTS Sport Seat

The Surf to Summit GTS Sport Seat is one of the best all around kayaks for the most comfort available from a kayak seat.

This seat offers the maximum back support with a specialized tri-paneling back and sturdy installation with dual front and back attachments that are adjustable to your needs. Complete with a zippered storage pack, this seat has what it takes for just about anyone!

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Skwoosh Expedition Kayak Seat

Skwoosh Expedition Seat

The Skwoosh Expedition Seat offers a supportive back, a mesh gear pouch, and two built in water bottle holders for your hydration needs. With the complete package for comfort, this seat is great for any kayaking adventure.

This seat offers an adjustable lumbar, making it the optimal seat for long trips on the water.

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Wrapping Up Our List of the Best Kayak Seats on the Market Today

At the end of a long day of kayaking, you want to walk away refreshed, exhilarated, and relaxed. You don’t want to end your trip with a sore behind, a tired back, or tense shoulders.

Choosing the correct seat for your kayak is essential for making sure you don’t walk away from what should be an exciting and relaxing trip worse for the wary.

By knowing your three B’s: Boat, Body, and Budget, you will ensure that your shopping experience is efficient and you can get back to what’s really important – the kayaking itself.

Shop around, but don’t get lost in the endless options out there. Instead, narrow down what you want and compare a few. Remember that comfort is key and cost can be reflective of quality.

Thanks for reading our reviews of the top kayak seats available on the market today. Be sure leave a comment on your favorite below.

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