Kayaking Tips and Resources

Want to have your best friend enjoy a day of kayaking with you? Here are some tips and the best dog friendly kayaks available today

A kayak is a shallow, narrow type of a canoe that is waterproof and got a small space to use. Kayaks have been in use over the years, in fact, archaeologists claim that kayaks existed for over 4000 years. They originated from the Arctic region and were in use by …

Want to have a more productive and exciting fishing trip for your kayak? Be sure to check out these best kayak fish finders and tips for using a fish finder.

Getting into any sport will cost you but kayaking may seem like a huge investment initially. There are some things you can do to save money however. We'll answer the question about how much does kayaking cost and give you some money saving tips in this article

Before you buy an inflatable kayak be sure to understand what the different features are and how it can benefit you during your fishing trip or water adventure. We'll discuss the best inflatable kayaks and what makes them so great in this post.

Having the correct kayak for your adventure can help you enjoy much more. Here's how to choose the right kayak and what you should be looking for in a kayak

Staying safe on the water is important. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment when kayaking. Here are some of the best life jackets for kayaking.

Kayak fishing is great way to have fun but be aware of the dangers of kayak fishing. Here are some of the common dangers you'll face and some that you may not have thought about. More importantly, we'll help you stay safe while enjoying this sport.

Want a great way to check out your kayaking adventure? Get a camera and mount it to your kayak! Here is the best camera for kayaking we could find!

Imagine a day out on the open water, just you, your gear, and the fish. Sounds like a perfect plan and a serene setting for some serious fishing, right? If you’re looking to take a kayak out for the first time, or maybe you’re looking to reconfigure your current setup, …